Are you a marketer who has honed enough skills to create your own marketing company?

Or has starting your own business has always been your end goal?

Since the inception of the startup age, 99% of people have dreams of creating their own company, However, unfortunately, most of these dreams die in their heads.

Why does this happen?

Simply because of the lack of proper guidance. That is exactly why we have mapped out the basic foundation of creating your own marketing agency.

What we have done is compile the best of the many tips scattered around. Following are the basic, easy to follow, and most important tips to creating your own marketing agency.

Market yourself before marketing your business

What is common among top marketers such as Tai Lopez, Neil Patel, Brian Dean, and so many out there?

All of them have a massive following on their social media profiles.


Because this sends out the most important message, the message of trust and credibility. What they have done is that they have created themselves as their product. When you start marketing yourself and the following begins, your first pool of potential customers automatically generates.

Decide upon a Niche


If you are thinking of creating your marketing agency in 2021 then you will be facing a great deal of competition. The easiest way to dodge being invisible in the market is to define your niche specifically.

Since marketing is a huge world in itself, you will need to decide which of the following services will your company be an expert in:

  •      Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  •      Search engine optimization (SEO)
  •      Content marketing
  •      Event marketing
  •      Guest blogging
  •      Email marketing

Develop a Business Model

Do not forget for a second that the most important of all factors will be the revenue your agency creates. So you need to develop a clear and strong business model beforehand.

First of all, you will need to list down the resources you will need.

Do you need an office or working virtually will work for you? Will you hire full time-employees or part-time? When you have some idea about your spending then you can move forward to making a model.

How will you get the clients? From freelancing websites? Through Google Ads? Social Media advertisement? Or what?

Then you will outline your billing methods. Following are some of the most common ones:

  • Hourly: Pretty common among freelancers, this method is becoming increasingly popular with agencies as well. You provide the time required for the task and a fixed amount per hour.
  • Flat Retainer: To avoid multiple calculations, some agencies adopt the flat retainer method. Simply sit down with the client and decide upon a fixed amount to be paid every month.
  • Commission Based: This method is most popular among the companies just starting out. Simply, because this automatically gives you an edge over the competition. The client only pays when they get a sale. Isn’t that an offer you can’t refuse?