Tik Tok marketing strategy

How To Create A Killer Tik Tok Strategy

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TIK TOK strategy

How To Create A Killer Tik Tok Strategy

TikTok has rattled the social media scene in recent years, and the platform’s growth is expected to continue as it attracts a wider range of users. Since the Covid19 pandemic, it has not only become a must-have app for individuals but has also evolved into a social media marketing tool for businesses. 

Because of TikTok’s young and continuously shifting culture and meme-based humour, brands risk falling behind the joke and coming across as if they might be trying too hard. However, with the correct guidance and account management, which is also part of Hot Source services, businesses can avoid sounding like one of the ‘cool kids’ and embrace what TikTok has to offer and skyrocket their social media presence. 

The key to a successful social media campaign is for a business to know its target audience. Therefore, if a company is certain where its target audience focuses its day-to-day attention and which apps they are scrolling through on daily basis, then these findings can demonstrate where the business should focus its attention.

Initially, TikTok’s popularity was mainly among the younger generation, however, recently the platform’s appeal had spread across slightly older generations. Last year TikTok’s engagement amongst Younger Millennials increased to 43% and among the Older Millennials, the popularity of the app has risen to 28%. TikTok’s rapid rise among Millennials is a good sign for its long-term stability and further expansion.

As corporations have become more aware of the popularity of the app, TikTok has developed dramatically as an advertising platform with the ability to connect with millions of users. However, to ensure a successful TikTok campaign it is important to:

  1. Keep on top of the current trends. 
  2. Interact with your audience.
  3. Get to know your competitors.
  4. Post regularly.
  5. Keep an eye on your progress.
  6. Establish goals that align with your business objectives. 

These key factors to social media success might seem like they might overshadow the other and as important daily tasks of a business owner. This is where Hot Source can offer its services to take the weight off the entrepreneurial shoulders. Hot Source can help businesses manage their social media presence, offer guidance and help businesses become the true ‘cool kids’ of the social media platforms, ,let’s create a tik tok strategy that actually works for you.

Tik tok strategy

Therefore, to guarantee a successful and goal-oriented TikTok strategy, Hot Source will be able to help the businesses stay consistent and on top of the latest social media trends, to ensure a high exposure and improved brand visibility. Hot Source will also become ‘that person behind the scenes’, who will ensure that the technicalities are in order, such as the correct image/video size to guarantee good quality content, the most beneficial time to post to maximize the views or optimise the SEO to boost the organic performance and increase the post’s/video’s discoverability. 

So, to achieve a strong TikTok strategy, ensure that your business makes these pointers a priority or alternatively let us make your business our priority and we can do it for you.