Datagraphic are a document automation company, they are a team of practical doers with forward thinking enterprising minds. Datagraphic help automate the production of delivery of their customer employee and supplier facing communications.


Birmingham University






Steve Lovell
Marketing Manager

Hot Source Creative was commissioned initially to have a look at their website, understanding what was working for their industry, their business and how well they were ranking online compared to their competitors. They wanted to understand how their business was performing for certain services local, regional and national.

Hot Source initially analysed the document automation industry, their website and assets they had to understand how they were positioned online, how well they were performing in relation to their competitors. Once this was then completed we then created a series of strategies, plans and targets we wanted to work towards. In addition to that we were advised to consult to their marketing team to look into ways to grow their overall market share.

The project saw results right after the first month. From the start we were able to rank Datagraphic search terms they wanted to target in the search engines. The team took control of certain keywords related to their industry, improved the search and journey experience on the website and produced a stronger value domain overall. Using our techniques and proven methods we were able to create them a series of page one ranking which improved overall traffic over their competitors. We expect as time goes on this website will keep performing at a high standard that will therefore produce more customers and higher ranking.