We were commissioned by Alexanders Bar to create a modern, mobile driven site that would showcase the brand and book customers. 


Birmingham University




Website Development


Edinburgh University

Our brief by Alexanders was to create a modern, forward thinking website that was mobile driven first. They needed a new website that was adaptable to their industry. 

We were required to firstly rebuild their website so that it was mobile optimised and secondly to improve and resolve the user journey while appealing to a range of audiences. The website required a fresh look with new designs and a high level of UX work to make sure it ran fast and effectively in across the browser platforms. In addition to this, we were required to develop SEO campaigns and plans to rank them accordingly in the search engines to attract new potential customers.

The project saw results right after the first month.  From the start we were able to rank Alexanders website in the search engines even though it had experienced some difficulty with relevant visibility in the past.  The team took control of certain keywords related to their industry, improved the search and journey experience on the website and produced a stronger value domain overall. We expect as time goes on this website will keep performing at a high standard that will therefore produce more customers and higher ranking.