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93% of businesses have adapted to social media in today’s virtual world. With the help of social media management, many businesses have excelled in the right direction with brands such as Treatbox, Papier and Faith in Nature. These brands have gained thousands of followers and adapted a branding that attracts their target audience and created an aesthetic feed. 

Social media management is more than posting on social media we analyse your analytics, search for opportunities, and connect with potential consumers. Having social media management allows you as a business owner to maximise audience attention, sales, and your time in other areas of your business. 

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Cafe Cadena bar worcester

Here at Hot Source Creative, we have built and adapted Cadena’s social media to enhance their audience and engagement to match their sophisticated style. Whilst capturing the audience for Cadena we worked behind the scenes on reels, video stories and posts. 

An example of this is Cadena’s social strategy has changed dramatically with the layout of their feed and their story style pushing their cliental reach further. Hot Source Creative has managed Cadena’s accounts by scheduling the posts after approval by Cadena, creating professional photos for content by lovely photographers on hand and strategising a plan for Cadena’s growth. 

Cafe Cadena Cocktail Bar Worcester

Working with Hot Source Creative will allow you to implement and design ideas to push your brand to the next level by using social media. We have a vast team that specialises in social media alongside design which will advance your social media with ideas within hospitality to encourage the growth of your brand. 

Examples of work that have excelled Cadena’s growth are video stories, showing a variety of different content and reels. Using a different variety of content can boost growth through your business as it targets a wide audience. Alongside, owning a bar is fun and energetic and should be showcased through your social media and we can show you how. 

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