Discover JQ Creating Stronger Tourism In Birmingham

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Discover JQ Creating Stronger Tourism In Birmingham

The Jewellery Quarter Business Improvement District created a new identity for the Jewellery Quarter in 2020 to communicate directly to visitors and showcase the Jewellery Quarter as a distinctive destination. The Discover JQ brings together all of the JQ’s visitor information services in one platform and gives companies a great foundation to promote their businesses.

The Discover Jewellery Quarter brand is at the heart of the JQBID’s destination marketing strategy, appearing on the vast majority of customer-facing materials such as marketing campaigns advertising and social media channels. 

To support the growth and popularity of the JQ, Hot Source has become an official tourism partner of the Discover JQ. With the use of practical marketing and trending techniques this cooperation will contribute to elevating the organisation’s digital presence as well as highlight the progressive elements of the evolving area. 

Discover JQ app

The Discover JQ app was launched by the JQBID in July 2021. The software, which is accessible on the App Store and Google Play, connects local communities with companies. Its main purpose is to enable users to visually explore and schedule visits to the Jewellery Quarter, as well as access special discounts, events, and more, using the app.

The Jewellery Quarter right now

Many of the former manufacturing buildings have been taken up by a variety of small independent businesses and creative workshops, or repurposed into unique apartment buildings, and the district has undergone significant renovation.

The JQ district has a fantastic mix of cultural and entertaining aspects. The assortment of local independent businesses is thriving and are well-known across the Midlands, which has enabled the area to flourish into destination place for many visitors and businesses. 

Traditional pubs, chic bars, and craft breweries are only a few examples of what The Jewellery Quarter may provide. A refreshing nightlife alternative to Birmingham’s bustling city centre can also be considered as a favourable ingredient in the mixture of attractions. 


Another advantageous aspect of the JQ is its location. The Quarter is within a 20-minute walk from the city centre (New Street Station). Birmingham’s canals provide for a great cycling path as well as fabulous scenery.

Discover JQ is a partnership between the Jewellery Quarter Business Improvement District (JQBID) and marketing agency, Hot Source Creative. The JQBID, who are funded by local businesses, manage projects and services to improve the Jewellery Quarter area and support its business community. The Discover JQ campaign aims to raise awareness of the Quarter as a top UK destination. To find out more about the work that we do, visit

If you want to know more about Discover JQ or how our tourism platform is developing a stronger tourism footprint in the Jewellery Quarter area reach out ot us today on +447528000488 and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Worcester University Lecturing James Vincent

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Worcester University Lecturing James Vincent

James Vincent, director of Hot Source Creative was at Worcester University lecturing the next generation of marketeers, about to start their own journeys and careers paths. This is what he had to say about his experience there and what his thoughts where.

Public Relations Expert and Former Student Gives Top Tips! 

Worcester University Lecturing

Students at the University of Worcester got an insight into public relations and marketing from a graduate with a successful business in the industry, who had sat where they were only years earlier.

Former student James Vincent, co-owner of locally-based marketing and public relations agency, Hot Source Creative, returned to the University to give current Marketing and Business students the benefit of his experience.

“I really enjoyed my time at the University and I wanted to share what I’d learnt since I’d started my career,” said Mr Vincent.

“I hope students learned that there are many options for university graduates and more support from local entrepreneurs than they think. In addition I hope to have inspired a few students to start their own business.”

Mr Vincent, who completed a degree in Business Management and Marketing at the University in 2015, told third year students about his company and gave tips on approaching advertising campaigns, in particular using a digital narrative to create impactful campaigns.

He revealed anecdotes of how out-of-the-box thinking got his company noticed in an industry of tough competition, gaining the business valuable clients. He also got students to come up with a PR and marketing strategy for real-life scenarios that his business had faced.

“It is absolutely important for local businesses to share their knowledge and inspire potential employees of the future,” he said. “The future of Worcester and Worcestershire lies in the next generation of business entrepreneurs. I would advise current students to be prepared for a rollercoaster ride that is as much about understanding people as it is about marketing and public relations.”

After graduation Mr Vincent worked for an agency as a digital marketing specialist, then went freelance, setting up his business in 2017. It now has bases in Worcester and Bromsgrove.

He said: “I found the course at the University of Worcester well balanced and practical, which I prefer, and the courses focused on the real world rather than just the theoretical. By the time I’d completed my three years, I felt confident that I could deliver the services that companies and clients really need.

“The courses provided a very solid foundation for all the work that I’ve been doing since I left. In particular, I found international marketing helped prepared me for the complexity of working with our Dubai clients. I also found that the sections on strategic planning have been extremely helpful in ensuring that my clients understand and adopt the marketing process and method. Secondly, and at a personal level, Worcester showed me the importance of making what you do enjoyable and that there is an entrepreneur inside each and every one of us.”

Advertising student, Jack Smith, 21, said: “Having James come in and talk to the class was a really useful and insightful experience. He opened my eyes to how an agency works through a creative brief and the tactics they use to appeal to different consumers.”

Joanne Law, Associate Lecturer in Computing, said: “As James was an ex-student himself, I feel that he understood the importance of helping the third-year students understand how the theory learned at university can help transfer into real-world practice post-graduation.”

If you want to know more about James Vincent and his recent Worcester University lecturing or how you can get more involved with Hot Source then please do get in contact today on 01527 832 365 or you can call 07528000488! If you prefer to email then please reach out to and I’m sure he will back in contact with you as soon as possible.

Have a great day and make sure you check out the latest blog posts about Hot Source here.

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Hot Source team.

DiscoverJQ App Connecting Communities

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DiscoverJQ App Connecting Communities

A brand new app connecting local communities with businesses in the Jewellery Quarter has been launched by the Jewellery Quarter Business Improvement District (JQBID). DiscoverJQ App – which is available to download via the App Store and Google Play – will enable users to virtually explore and plan visits to the Jewellery Quarter and unlock exclusive offers, events and more throughout the summer and beyond.

Users of the DiscoverJQ app can fully personalise their app experience by creating profiles and filtering suggested content to suit their bespoke interests and needs. Plus, registered users will also get access to exclusive offers from Jewellery Quarter-based shops, bars and restaurants as well as information about what’s on in the local area. Alongside this, news and updates about the BID, real-time travel and weather information will also be available within the app.

Commenting on the app’s launch, Marketing and Communications Manager for the JQBID, Steve Lovell, says:

“After many months of planning, we’re so excited to finally be launching the DiscoverJQ app! The premise of the app is simple: to connect our growing resident base and regular visitors to the Jewellery Quarter’s thriving independent scene via a user-friendly platform.

“If we’ve learnt anything from the past 16 months, it’s that we can’t underestimate the power or value of technology: launching the app is our next step in the BID’s journey to improve the relationships between local businesses and their customers. We’re confident that DiscoverJQ will make the Jewellery Quarter more accessible than ever before and bring the community closer together.”

Alongside optimising the guest and resident experience of those visiting and living within the Jewellery Quarter, the app has been designed to benefit the area’s thriving independent business scene. Local hotspots, will be able to create business profiles within the app, enabling them to promote seasonal offers, secret sales and much more to loyal customers.

Dom Lawson, Café and Hospitality Manager at The Hive Café & Bakery, says:

“We’re really looking forward to connecting with our customers more closely than ever before, thanks to the DiscoverJQ app. After facing so many unprecedented challenges since the start of the pandemic, we’ve worked tirelessly to pivot and adapt our offering to keep both our staff and visitors safe. We’re certain that the app will allow us to remain flexible with our approach to keeping clear lines of communication with our customers – no matter what the future holds.”

As well as providing users with discounts and local news alerts, another key innovation within the app is the free, virtual tour function. After selecting your tour of choice, users can follow a numbered trail – in person or virtually – that includes key information on each venue or check point. What’s more, the ‘Jewellery Quarter Heritage Trail’ includes a full audio guide, too, which aims to improve the app’s accessibility and inclusivity for all users.

“We‘re extremely proud of all the work that’s gone into DiscoverJQ and can’t wait to receive feedback from both residents and BID members. With lots of exciting events on the horizon – including workshops, fundraising activity for St Paul’s Church and Birmingham Heritage Week – those with the app will have lots to look forward to in the near future.

“Our new app sets the scene for what promises to be a hugely eventful few months, as we welcome more people back to JQBID once more: we have several features already in the pipeline and can’t wait to roll out these updates for users during 2021 and beyond,” Steve added.

To download the Discover JQ app, head over to the App Store or Google Play:

Hot Source Social media marketing agency Bromsgrove

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Hot Source Social media marketing agency Bromsgrove

Good morning everyone, how have you all been? I have to say it’s been one busy week for Hot Source – marketing agency bromsgrove, from event planning to marketing strategies we have been back to back supporting local independents gain the exposure they need in this forever competitive market.

Today though I wanted to talk about social media marketing, it’s such an important tool if we use it correctly. Now while we as an agency we have had debates on where social media should be used and to what extent! However, we can all agree that as a marketing tool for your business it has great benefits, if it’s used correctly.

Just like every other human on the planet, I have epically awesome days and days when life just turne against me. And while I can’t stand most self-help (see: tired quotes over stock photography on Instagram), sometimes I need a little pick-me-up. And most of the time, in order to get out of a slump (because my brain leans more into math/science than anything else), I need to drop a logic bomb on my ass.

Yes, this is a long article. But here’s the thing — if you’re reading this in your inbox and are already like, “fuck this!” delete it. No hard feelings. If you’re reading this in a browser on a website, and you see how tiny the scroll-bar is because of how far you still have to scroll to get to the bottom, close this tab and go back to 140-character tidbits of advice. Still with me? Phew. Just had to weed out all the folks from points: #1, #4 and #8. Welcome friends, onward we go.

Never give up and stay strong

If no one hates you, no one is paying attention. If attention is what you want for vanity, confidence, or, hell — to make a decent living — then know that it’s not instantaneous. Every single person that you’re currently paying attention to, at some point in their lives, was in your exact position. They kept at it and worked enough so that others started listening. Also know that if no one is watching, you can experience true freedom. Dance in your underwear. Write entirely for yourself. Like there’s a going-out-of-business sale. Find yourself — not in some coming-of-age hippie way involving pasta and ashrams— but in a way that helps you draw your own line in the sand for what matters and what doesn’t. Do what you want to do, just because you want to do that thing. This will build confidence that will come in handy later.

Once I gave the headphones a thorough once-over exam, I tried them on. As I mentioned, they have a classic over-the-ear style and just looking at them, the padding on the ear pieces seem adequate and the peak of the headband seemed to be a bit lacking, but you don’t really know comfort unless you try on the product. So, I slipped the headphones on and found them to be exquisitely comfortable. Once I gave the headphones a thorough once-over exam, I tried them on. As I mentioned, they have a classic over-the-ear style and just looking at them, the padding on the ear pieces seem adequate and the peak of the headband seemed to be a bit lacking, but you don’t really know comfort unless you try on the product. So, I slipped the headphones on and found them to be exquisitely comfortable.

If no one hates you, no one is paying attention. If attention is what you want for vanity, confidence, or, hell — to make a decent living — then know that it’s not instantaneous. Every single person that you’re currently paying attention to, at some point in their lives, was in your exact position. They kept at it and worked enough so that others started listening. Also know that if no one is watching, you can experience true freedom. Dance in your underwear. Write entirely for yourself. Like there’s a going-out-of-business sale. Find yourself — not in some coming-of-age hippie way involving pasta and ashrams— but in a way that helps you draw your own line in the sand for what matters and what doesn’t. Do what you want to do, just because you want to do that thing. This will build confidence that will come in handy later.

Social Media Management Bromsgrove

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Are you planning on a social media campaign anytime soon? Looking at maybe boosting your brand or raising awareness of your presence in the market. Or perhaps you’re looking at sourcing a social media management agency in Bromsgrove. Working with the right digital marketing agency makes such a different and we here at Hot Source have a great track history of supporting our clients in social media growth.

CALL: 01527 832 365

Social media is such a popular tool and is growing every day, we saw the days where you just needed a Facebook page to the world of TikTok jumping onto the market. It doesn’t matter what size your business is from start up, established or huge, social media can be used to grow the awareness you need and reach out to those desired businesses and people of interest.

So you may be wondering, but I’m a unique business I don’t need social media well I can tell you it doesn’t matter what sector you are in there are opportunities for everyone to use certain platforms that are applicable to them to grow their business online. Here are some recent businesses in the Worcestershire area alone we have worked on Spring Forward Landscaping, Past Parts classic cars, Maslo Therapy, Wollaston Dental Practice and more!

You can see from the above alone that these sectors vary massively, that’s what makes us work so well. We never worry about what sector your business is or the size of your company, we apply the tools and techniques that we know that work well and help our clients grow as much as possible.

Hot Source Creative social media agency can help you with the following:

Content Creation

Lead Generation

Drive Traffic to Company Website

Brand Awareness

Build Targeted Following / Increase Engagement

Social media management training

If you would prefer to manage the social media channels yourself that is totally normal, we offer a range of social media management training courses, we teach us the skills you need to grow the channels yourself, improve brand awareness and create positive leads for your business, the courses can range from a half day all the way to weekly sessions depending on how much you want to learn and at what rate. To know more about the courses we offer then head over to our training page and check out all the courses that may be applicable to you.

If you would like to know more about Hot Source head over to our latest blog post and read what we’ve been up to. Or you can reach out to us on social media including Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn where we would be happy to answer any questions you have or want to know.


The Best 5 Tips to Build your Own Business

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According to figures from GEM Global Report, 100 million businesses are launched annually. While Startup Genome reports that 11 startups out of 12 usually fail.

How does that happen?

There are various reasons such as the lack of capital or market. But there are some basic steps that anyone can take to build a lasting business.

With the rise of startup books, movies, and public speaking, many of us have delved into technical stuff so much that we tend to forget our bases.

In this article, we have outlined some of the most simple tips that can prevent your business from going downhill. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Have Faith in Yourself

The only one that can stop you from having success is you. Let’s accept it, everyone has doubts while starting something new. Jeff Bezos left his high-end job and risked everything for Amazon.

It was risky, it was new, it could lead anywhere but he had a firm belief in himself. And yes, that’s why he is the richest person on the planet.

Look around and you will find people ready to magnify your doubts if you aren’t confident. Don’t let them! Believe in yourself and keep pushing your limits.

Research, Research, Research

There is much much more knowledge in the world that one can absorb. Research is one of the most fundamental steps in starting a business. You have to open up your computer and look for ideas similar to yours.

Find what worked out for them and what didn’t. Research about your target market and find out their pain points. Research about your competitor and find out where you can exceed them.

Remember, if you don’t have the right amount of knowledge in your arsenal, you will never set up a sturdy platform for your business.

Look for Advice

While research can lead you to the avenues of possibilities, networking with the right people can provide you real-life experiences.

Look for the people who have ideas & principles similar to you. Social websites such as Facebook & Reddit are the best places to search for these people.

When you connect with people who have been there and done that before, you hone your ideas, find your weaknesses, and explore possibilities that can craft a healthy business.

Get Together an A-Team

Every person on the planet has different strengths and weaknesses. There are some people who are born to lead and manage. While there are some who work as a lone wolf but always deliver the results. Some people are smart workers while the others are workhorses.

Your job is to find the right combination of these people who can refine your ideas and make your job easier. Remember, a business always runs with team effort so start networking before you even think of building a team.

Minimize Costs

As mentioned earlier, the lack of capital is one of the major reasons for startup failure. However, there is a flip side to this coin. In some cases, the costs of a business exceeds the profits which can lead to only bankruptcy.

We want you to analyze your costs at the very beginning of your business. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do you need a big office?
  • Do you need full-time workers? Or affordable virtual workers are fine?
  • Can any cheap software replace any of your workers?
  • Do you really need an office? Won’t virtual offices and cafes for meetings work for you?

How to Create Your Marketing Agency

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Are you a marketer who has honed enough skills to create your own marketing company?

Or has starting your own business has always been your end goal?

Since the inception of the startup age, 99% of people have dreams of creating their own company, However, unfortunately, most of these dreams die in their heads.

Why does this happen?

Simply because of the lack of proper guidance. That is exactly why we have mapped out the basic foundation of creating your own marketing agency.

What we have done is compile the best of the many tips scattered around. Following are the basic, easy to follow, and most important tips to creating your own marketing agency.

Market yourself before marketing your business

What is common among top marketers such as Tai Lopez, Neil Patel, Brian Dean, and so many out there?

All of them have a massive following on their social media profiles.


Because this sends out the most important message, the message of trust and credibility. What they have done is that they have created themselves as their product. When you start marketing yourself and the following begins, your first pool of potential customers automatically generates.

Decide upon a Niche


If you are thinking of creating your marketing agency in 2021 then you will be facing a great deal of competition. The easiest way to dodge being invisible in the market is to define your niche specifically.

Since marketing is a huge world in itself, you will need to decide which of the following services will your company be an expert in:

  •      Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  •      Search engine optimization (SEO)
  •      Content marketing
  •      Event marketing
  •      Guest blogging
  •      Email marketing

Develop a Business Model

Do not forget for a second that the most important of all factors will be the revenue your agency creates. So you need to develop a clear and strong business model beforehand.

First of all, you will need to list down the resources you will need.

Do you need an office or working virtually will work for you? Will you hire full time-employees or part-time? When you have some idea about your spending then you can move forward to making a model.

How will you get the clients? From freelancing websites? Through Google Ads? Social Media advertisement? Or what?

Then you will outline your billing methods. Following are some of the most common ones:

  • Hourly: Pretty common among freelancers, this method is becoming increasingly popular with agencies as well. You provide the time required for the task and a fixed amount per hour.
  • Flat Retainer: To avoid multiple calculations, some agencies adopt the flat retainer method. Simply sit down with the client and decide upon a fixed amount to be paid every month.
  • Commission Based: This method is most popular among the companies just starting out. Simply, because this automatically gives you an edge over the competition. The client only pays when they get a sale. Isn’t that an offer you can’t refuse?

How to Get Yourself Out From Bad Situations in Life

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Life is not as a smooth ride as you want it to be. You will come across good situations as well as bad situations in life. However, we often see how people struggle with the bad situations they encounter in life. You don’t have to go through any such struggles because there are few effective tips to follow and get you out of bad situations. Here are some of the most effective tips to follow and get yourself out of bad situations in life.

Focus on the main goal

If you are struggling with something, there’s a possibility for you to lose focus on the main goal. You should not do it. Instead, you will need to keep your focus on the main goal. Then you will be able to maintain focus and energy to get out of the bad situation. You are not so productive when you focus on two or more goals at a time. Hence, make sure that you always pick the main goal and shift your focus to it.

Figure out how you spend your time

Any person who wants to get out of a bad situation in life should carefully take a look at the way how he/she is spending time. You can simply take a book and write down all the work that you do on a daily basis. Then you will be able to get a clear understanding of where your time is going. Or else, you can even get the assistance of a time tracking app. When you take a look at the activities you do in day to day life, you will notice how much time you are wasting on unproductive things. If you can remove those things from your life, you will be able to have enough time to overcome the bad situation you face in life.

Be happy

It is completely natural for a person to encounter a bad situation. You should never get depressed with it. Instead, you will need to be happy about your life. For example, you can record all the small accomplishments that you achieve as you go through a bad situation. Things will become good again. Until that, you just need to hang on.

Overcome all your fears

Fear can make life difficult for anyone who wants to come out from a bad situation in life. Hence, you should learn how to overcome all your fears. Boost your motivation level, so that you can overcome your fears. Then you will be able to have the energy to go ahead and get out of the bad situation you face in your life effectively. It is better if you can take a small risk to overcome fear. This will provide much-needed motivation to you.

Now you have a clear understanding of how to get out of the bad situations in life. Follow these simple steps and you can end up getting the best returns.

How To Secure Your Success Through Competitive Rivals

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Most business owners don’t like to have competitive rivals. That’s because they assume that competitive rivals can be a threat to the dominant behavior they have in the industry. However, having competitive rivals is something good for businesses. That’s because you will be able to find your way to success through competitive rivals. Here’s how you should do it.

Stick to your principles

You should never lose focus on the principles because of competitive rivals you have. When you are facing threats from competition, you will develop a “win at all costs” mentality. This can make you forget about the steps that you can take to achieve success. This is something that happens naturally when you try to compete against your competitors. However, you will need to stick to your principles at all times because that will help you to ensure the long term success of your business. Otherwise, you will tarnish the reputation you maintain in the industry and ruin relationships that you maintain with stakeholders.

Take time to make decisions

When you have a rival, you will tend to work hard. This comes with the level of excitement of having a rival as well. However, this behavior can negatively impact the success of your business. That’s because working too hard can make you take suboptimal and impulsive decisions. When you are about to make a decision, you should take time. You should be cautious, and you will need to follow a thoughtful approach, which can help you to ensure your success.

Critical thinking is one of the most important skills that you will need to develop. Then you will be able to do proper analysis and make quick decisions. In fact, critical thinking can help you to take quick and correct decisions about complex problems that you will have to face.

Don’t take unnecessary risks

Having a competitive rival will not just make you make poor decisions, but it can also make you take unwanted risks. These risks can negatively impact your business in the long run. Hence, you should think twice before you take a risk with your business. You will need to be mindful of the emotional state of your mindset at all times. If the emotional state is not good, you will take unwanted risks. That’s why you need to take control of your emotions and refrain from taking unwanted risks.

Having a rival to your business can be good because it will improve your level of motivation. Along with that, you can go ahead and improve the overall performance of your business venture as well. You can do this to refrain from the potential pitfalls that you will get into. Make sure that you remain committed to the principles and refrain from taking unwanted risks. Likewise, you should introduce the habit of critical thinking. Then you can find your way to success through the competition created by your rivals.

How To Remain Committed to Your Financial Success

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As an entrepreneur, ensuring financial success is one of the biggest goals that you have in front of you. However, achieving that goal is never an easy thing to do. You will need to remain committed to the goal, regardless of all the challenges and distractions that come on your way. Here are some tips that you can follow to remain committed to your financial success at all times.

Staying committed

You should remain committed to your goals every single day. You should never allow any situation to keep you away from the level of commitment you maintain. To do that, you can deep dive and take a look at the importance of the work you do and your worth. You will also need to take inspired actions at all times. This may sound silly. However, you will need to make sure that you are creating a perfect environment t, where money and clients can funnel through.

Have the right mindset

Without having a proper mindset, you will never be able to remain committed. Hence, you should learn how to get that perfect mindset at all times. For example, you should develop confidence in mind, assuming that clients will come to your business, and your existing clients will recommend you to new clients. This confidence will help you to work accordingly and you will eventually be able to get what you want.

Accept highs and lows

As mentioned earlier, you will not be able to go on a smooth journey to achieve financial goals. You will have to deal with both highs and lows. Regardless of the highs and lows that you come across in life, you will need to remain committed. We are living in a fast-paced environment. As we proceed in the fast-paced environment, we should focus on our spiritual, emotional, and mental health as well. On the other hand, it is important for us to take action based on inspiration. In the meantime, you will need to be responsible and resourceful with money. For example, you shouldn’t allow your bank account balance to drop too low. You will need to act before that happens.

There’s no space for “Plan B”

If Plan A fails, you will think about going forward with Plan B. However, you should always work by assuming that there is no Plan B. When you are facing financial challenges, you can seek the assistance of your parents. This can be your Plan B. Your parents will help you, but this will make you lose track of your commitment. That’s why you shouldn’t allow any space for Plan B. You shouldn’t even think about it. Just create a solid Plan A and stick to it at all times. Then you will be able to get Plan A to thrive and help you to ensure your financial success in the long run.

Follow these simple steps and learn how to remain committed to the financial success you can achieve in your life.