Our brief by UK Games Expo was to create a stronger social media following across all platforms to increase ticket sales.


UK Games Expo




Social media

Top Stats

36,000 present
Reached 21k Twitter
Reached 16k Facebook likes

36,000 people present at the show reaching massive numbers across all their social media platforms and creating a community that grew exponentially.

UK Games Expo is the largest Hobby Games Convention in the United Kingdom. A fun event appealing to families as well as the enthusiast, UKGE attracts thousands of visitors every year who come to play tabletop games and purchase hundreds of board and card games, miniatures and collectibles games, role playing games and much more. We were comissioned by them to grow their social media platforms, raise awarenes and create sales for the expo in June.

The project saw results right after the first month.  From the start we were able to grow their social media platforms to exponential numbers. Reaching 21k on Twitter, 16k on Facebook, 6.5k on Instagram and they are still rising. We were able to create a much stronger community that was present at the expo reading over 30/40,000 individuals present at the NEC. We teamed up with multiple individuals, brands, businesses and organisations that supported the sales at the show.