We were commissioned by Worcestershire County Council to be part of their Elevate Worcestershire program. Elevate is a new and exciting business support programme recently launched for selected businesses that have growth ambitions throughout Worcestershire.


Worcestershire County Council




Social Media Management


Worcestershire County Council

We were required by Elevate Worcestershire to create a short term strategy that would help them push out promotions and news about their cohort, show attention and appreciation to the members involved to improve brand recognition and customer retention 

Hot Source Creative initially audited the account to understand a benchmark analysis and find out what worked and didn’t for their channel. Once this was completed Hot Source then created a short term strategy to create intensive growth and exposure of the cohort program. In addition to this, we were required to create a series of enticing content pieces that would consistently promote the brand and provide a constant synergy of the brand. 

Once we starting implementing a social media strategy we saw immediate growth and higher exposure to new audiences across the platform. We predict as time goes on the account will continue to grow and they will look at moving over to alternative channels to keep improving their social media presence.