Birmingham University Campus

We were commissioned by Birmingham University to create a new modern, forward thinking website for their Global Surgery Department in association with Edinburgh University.


Birmingham University




Website Development


Edinburgh University

Our brief by University of Birmingham was to create a modern, forward thinking website that was mobile driven first. They needed a new website that was adaptable to their industry. 

We worked closely with the Birmingham University team to create a website that worked for them. The design was built in two stages, the first stage to be presented back in October to their board in Kenya, once this was signed off we developed the second stage to be signed off by themselves and the parties involved.

After the website was completed we were asked to look into improving overall website growth, SEO and traffic generation. We saw great feedback across the board, from multiple universities in countries around the world, this was a fantastic project to be part of. This website was custom coded, entirely unique to them. The design was to reflect an evolution in their growth and have multiple parties involved.