Pinterest tips for 2022


Pinterest is a unique social media platform, but it still has many of the same principles as other sites. As with any site where you can post content, it’s important to do so in a way that will keep your audience engaged and interested. With that in mind, here are some tips for getting the most out of Pinterest for 2022:

Focus on showing your product or service in action.

Showing your product or service in action is a great way to get people interested. Using a video or GIF will help you do just that.

For example, if your business sells software for project management, instead of simply showing screenshots of the product itself and its features, show how it works in practice. Showing someone using it will also help clarify any confusion about how something works—instead of trying to explain things yourself, let the user explain it for themselves!

Of course, you can’t just show anyone using anything; the person should be relevant to your audience and give an accurate representation of what’s going on with their current processes (or lack thereof).

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Use keyword-focused descriptions under every pin.

For example, if you’re pinning a picture of your dog, you might say: “This is my adorable dog.” But if you’re pinning a recipe for homemade dog treats, you might say something like “These homemade treats will make your pup happy!” The second description makes it clear that this particular pin has to do with recipes.

You can use your keyword-focused descriptions under every pin in order to better tailor the results for users looking for pins similar to yours. This will help them find what they’re looking for faster and more easily.

Carefully choose boards to pin your content to.

Carefully choose boards to pin your content to.

Pinning the right content to the right board can have a huge impact on your Pinterest success. Some brands are doing this well, but many aren’t. The vast majority of brands pay attention only to their own followers when choosing boards, and as a result they’re missing opportunities for growth and engagement with other audiences. If you want more engagement with your pins, consider these factors:

  • Choosing relevant boards (i.e., not ones that are too competitive)
  • Choosing boards with enough followers (i.e., not too much competition)
  • Avoiding boards without any competition at all

Create high-quality vertical images.

When using your phone to take photos, the key is to create high-quality vertical images. Here are five tips:

  • Use a high-quality camera or lens. You don’t have to use a DSLR if you don’t want one; today’s smartphones can be just as good as pro DSLRs for capturing sharp images, especially with the help of lenses and accessories like tripods, remote shutter releases and other tools for stabilizing shots when shooting on a phone.
  • Use a tripod (or something similar) to keep everything steady while you shoot in portrait mode from left to right or vice versa. If it’s not possible for you to use either handhold mode or landscape mode (for example), then try making sure that both hands are holding the camera steady before snapping each shot—and only press down halfway on the shutter button so that there’s less movement from pressing all the way down too quickly! It can also help if someone else helps hold their own hand as they watch out for possible distractions like kids playing nearby who might run away at any moment!

Fill out your profile fully.

The About section is your chance to tell a story about yourself. It’s the perfect opportunity to highlight your expertise and show off your personality. Use it wisely because this section has no character limit, but only five images are available for you to use as header images.

In the Profile section, you can list out all of your skills, awards and certifications related to your field. If there is an award that you have won or some certification that you have earned, make sure to add it here! This section should be used as a tool for LinkedIn-style marketing—it gives you another way separate yourself from others on Pinterest by showing off what makes you unique in comparison with other users in your industry or niche market.

In addition to listing out all of these things on your profile (along with links), make sure that they are also included within the Links portion of this page so people can easily find them when searching for information about who YOU are as an expert/professional within YOUR field/niche market(s). The more content available about YOU online (especially via social media platforms like Pinterest/Facebook etcetera), the better chance people will have finding YOUR business pages easily through Google searches too!

Keep up with the latest developments.

  • Keep up with the latest developments.
  • Be aware of what is going on in your industry.
  • Find out what the latest trends are.
  • Find out what the latest technologies are.
  • Find out what the latest news is.
  • Find out what the latest research is.

None of these tips require you to spend money, just a bit of time and effort!

None of these tips require you to spend money, just a bit of time and effort!

You can do this!


In the end, all of these tips have one thing in common: they’re easy to implement. You don’t have to spend a ton of money or time on them, just a bit of effort and attention. We hope that by following these tips you can see an increase in engagement and reach on Pinterest!

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